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About Us

Open Access provide products, technology and solutions for integrated network audio and emergency communication systems throughout Australia and South East Asia.


Primary markets include rail, air and bus transport, roadways, transitways and tunnels, mining, emergency and protective services. Open Access solutions are delivered as turnkey products directly to private and government organisations or to system integrators as an integral component of a larger project.


Open Access solutions are built upon the NetSpire™ network integrated technology platform; designed from the ground up to be modular, flexible and robust. The NetSpire™ platform may be scaled from small local area networks to multi tier nationwide systems comprising thousands of nodes.

Convergent Technology

The NetSpire™ platform is designed to eliminate the requirement for redundant dedicated infrastructure for audio and communication requirements. The "one wire" network integrated approach reduces cost, improves maintainability and automatically leverages fault tolerance incorporated into typical network designs.


Open Access is an ISO 9001 accredited company with many years of experience in successfully undertaking projects in Australia and internationally. Open Access provide service offerings to support the customer through all phases of the project lifecycle, including:

  • Strategic consulting
  • System design
  • Project Management
  • Implementation and commissioning
  • 24 hour maintenance and support services

On freeways, rail networks and airports, in buildings and city centres – millions of people every day rely on Open Access' systems for information, safety and security.