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Netspire™ Communications Exchange

The NetSpire™ CXS Server is designed to facilitate systems with a large number of NetSpire devices. The CXS Server functions include intelligent announcement priority management, configuration management, maintenance functions, alarm and fault monitoring functions and software update roll-out features.


• Announcement Prioritisation

Supports intelligent prioritisation between conflicting requests for live PA, DVA, background music and Emergency Announcements to remote zones within the system.

• Configuration Repository

System configuration for devices in the system is stored on the NetSpire CXS Servers. This allows devices to auto-configure on power-up by finding and downloading the configuration information associated with the device.

• Configuration Management and Aggregation Interface

Provides management of system configuration, allowing configuration of a large number of devices to be performed quickly and efficiently.

• Intercom Call Management

Call management for NetSpire intercom and emergency phone devices. The system also uses the NetSpire VAS server for call recording, archiving and retreival.

• Reporting and Statistics

Automatically logs key system events to a central database which may be useful for generating audits, statistics and system reports.

• Fault / Alarm Recording and Escalation

Faults and alarms reported by the system are logged in a database and escalated. Filters can be applied to escalate faults and alarms of interest, and aggreate multiple alarms.

• System Activity Monitor

The system activity monitor records the start, duration, end time and source of announcements made in the system.

• Software Update

The NetSpire CXS Server provides a central staging area for network software updates for devices in the system. 

• External Interfacing

Third-party integration and control of the NetSpire system is provided through the NetSpire SDK. The NetSpire SDK supports Java, .NET, C# and C++ libraries for system integrators.

• Telephony Interfaces

The CXS Server supports a T1/E1 and SIP telephony interfaces for integration with telephony systems.

• CXS Server Redundancy

The NetSpire CXS Servers support redundant configurations with automatic failover to spare NetSpire CXS Servers.