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Rail & Transport

Encompassing bus, passenger rail, and freight rail services, the rail and transport industry enjoys significant investment and public scrutiny. The rail and transport sector must satisfy commercial pressures whilst meeting the demand for increased capacity and increased safety.

Increasing passenger numbers and increased service scrutiny mean that the provision of passenger information has become an integral part of the public’s rail and bus experience. Commuters can be catered for by the passenger information features of the NetSpire™ Integrated Communications platform – including Public Address, Digital Voice Announcement, and Passenger Information Display. Integration into many of the leading timetabling and control systems allows real time service information to be passed to commuters automatically.

With increased emphasis upon security and safety, the Open Access NetSpire™ Integrated Communications platform can provide Emergency Help Point as well as Emergency Warning and Intercommunication (EWIS) features. Systems for mobile communication and staff security are also available – wireless staff handsets can be used for a variety of operations including telephony, duress alarms, public address, initiating automated announcements, and timetable system updates – all at the touch of a button.

Fleet and rollingstock communications are also handled by the NetSpire™ platform – including onboard and external communications. Emergency Help Points, Crew Intercoms, Public Address, Digital Voice Announcement, and Passenger Information Displays are all features of the NetSpire™ solution which have been tailored for onboard deployment. External data communications, voice communications and GPS modules are also provided by the NetSpire™ platform – delivering a complete fleet and rollingstock communications solution.

The NetSpire™ Integrated Communications platform is based upon modular embedded hardware designed for rapid deployment and ease of maintenance. Fault-tolerance and redundancy options are also offered to further enhance system robustness and reliability. All NetSpire™ systems also offer centralised operator control and allow integration into existing command and management systems.

Open Access has provided leading edge communications solutions in the rail and transport industry for more than a decade. The NetSpire™ product suite delivers innovation solutions which are based upon a robust and proven platform.