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Operator Consoles

The NetSpire™ software suite includes operator GUI console applications which provide real time Long Line Public Address (LLPA), Digital Voice Announcement (DVA) and Emergency Warning and Intercommunication (EWIS) features, together with system status information. Operators can initiate and schedule announcements to any combination of system audio zones. Microphones are also provided to enable operators to make and record LLPA announcements.

The suite also includes operator GUI console applications which provide real time call management features and system status information. Consoles can be associated with specific VoIP Desksets providing the operator with additional call management features. System alarms and system status information is also provided – such as unit health, call status and call history.

Additional system administration tools are also available providing a range of features – such as remote software update, configuration backup and restoration, audio synchronisation and system status and alarm information.

The Voice Archive Server application is a powerful tool that includes flexible search facilities for fast and accurate recording retrieval from the Voice Archiving Server.