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Roads & Tunnels

The transport industry is dominated by the road transport. Roads handle private motoring, carry most of the freight tonnage, and accommodate the great majority of public transport. With road traffic increasing the demand for improved infrastructure continues and major civil works initiatives are announced regularly.

Larger and more complicated road infrastructure development means the provision of support for road users is a more demanding operation. The Open Access NetSpire™ Integrated Communications platform can provide Emergency Help Point, Public Address and Digital Voice Announcement features as well as integration into Variable Message Signs (VMS).

The modular embedded hardware of the NetSpire™ product suite is designed for rapid deployment and ease of maintenance. The embedded units afford a more efficient, less costly, and far more reliable system that can meet rigorous environmental conditions over an extended lifetime.

All NetSpire™ systems offer centralised operator control and allow integration into existing command and management systems. The NetSpire™ platform has a number of options to meet environmental and backbone infrastructure requirements – supplying flexible commercially viable solutions that allow road management communication strategies to be implemented in an effective manner.

Since 1986 Open Access has designed and deployed innovative communications solutions for major infrastructure works. At the heart of these solutions is the reliable and modular NetSpire™ platform which incorporates a range of leading edge features on the back of proven components designed to meet the harshness of civil works implementation.