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Mining is an industry of considerable size and economic and social significance which continues to develop and advance. Innovation and new solutions are needed to meet the industry's evolving technology requirements. Mining's exceptional safety and logistical requirements demand proven robust systems and solution design.

Open Access' NetSpire™ Integrated Communications platform is a robust distributed system based upon proven embedded hardware and software that is ideally suited to the demands of mine deployment. All NetSpire™ systems offer fault tolerance and redundancy, centralised operator control and allow integration into existing command and management systems. The modular embedded hardware of the NetSpire™ product suite is designed for rapid deployment and ease of maintenance.

With telephony, Long Line Public Address, and Digital Voice Announcement features the NetSpire™ Integrated Communications platform is capable of meeting a range of mining site communications requirements. IP based digital protocols are utilised for all audio and data transmission ensuring that high quality audio is produced across all subsystems.

Health and safety and remote communication capabilities are provided by the NetSpire™ platform's Emergency Help Point and Emergency Warning and Intercommunication (EWIS) features. The NetSpire™ platform's support for converging technologies to enhance voice and data applications allows flexible solution design – such as a wireless handsets subsystem which allows users to perform a variety of operations including telephony, duress alarms, public address, and initiation of automated announcements – all at the touch of a button

Open Access has provided innovative communications solutions since 1986 and in the process has developed a reliable, modular platform that provides a range of leading edge features on the back of proven components designed to meet the rigours of mine implementation.