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Public Safety

Massive investment is being channelled into the public safety industry which aims to protect and preserve life, property, natural and cultural resources and to promote community safety. As public safety and security become an increased priority throughout the world, so the solutions designed to provide these services must be more innovative and robust.

The Public Address and Digital Voice Announcement features of the Open Access NetSpire™ Integrated Communications platform are utilised provide wide area mass notification facilities – with support for several thousand remote nodes which can be controlled by centralised operators. All NetSpire™ systems also allow integration into existing command and management systems.

The NetSpire™ platform offers Emergency Help Point as well as Emergency Warning and Intercommunication (EWIS) features. Systems for mobile communication and staff security are also available – wireless staff handsets can be used for a variety of operations including telephony, duress alarms, public address, initiating automated announcements, and remote system updates – all at the touch of a button.

IP based digital protocols are utilised for all audio and data transmission ensuring that high quality audio and communication is produced across all subsystems. Full system traceability is also provided and includes automatic voice recording and archiving across all subsystems.

Fault-tolerance and redundancy options are available from the NetSpire™ Integrated Communications platform – further enhancing the reliability offered by the robust distributed system design based upon proven embedded hardware and software. 24x7 system operation is also ensured by the design methodology for rapid deployment and ease of maintenance used throughout the NetSpire™ product suite.

Open Access' NetSpire™ platform is based upon a distributed and modular architecture – supplying cost effective solutions which provide multiple communication channels on a single platform that is designed to help deliver an effective emergency management strategy.