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System Integrators

Control and information system integration is large market which continues to grow. Increasingly sophisticated projects and requirements coupled with ever changing technology, have seen an increased reliance upon outsourcing of system integration projects.

The NetSpire™ platform is designed to provide added value to existing infrastructure – supplying cost effective solutions that allow communications strategies to be implemented in a managed approach. Additionally, it is designed with integration in mind. Third party integration support is provided with all NetSpire™ systems – including extensive development support documentation and a comprehensive Software Development Kit. Developer training courses and integration consulting services are also offered by Open Access.

Open Access continues to develop and enhance the NetSpire™ product range to meet the needs of our customers and markets. The experience and excellence within the Open Access team enables the integration of leading edge technologies and techniques with existing approaches. This combination delivers the benefits of new advances to customers while minimising the associated risks.

Open Access strives to maintain a competitive edge in its offerings by keeping pace with and anticipating the requirements of customers and markets. An active research and development (R&D) program results in development of new products and services, as well as enhancements to current offerings. Investment in R&D is driven by projects. This ensures that customer and market requirements are the primary focus. Furthermore, Open Access encourages the interchange of staff between R&D and implementation projects – promoting knowledge transfer and ensuring the delivery of leading edge technical solutions to business problems.

The modular nature of the NetSpire™ platform allows system architects to pick and choose the functionality required. The availability of full external integration provides third party developers with the ability to tailor system control to meet their requirements. Open Access has been developing innovative communication solutions in partnership with system integrators since 1986 – presenting leading edge features on the back of a proven and robust platform.