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Netspireā„¢ IPPA Paging Station

ippa-front-straight-trans-tinyThe NetSpireā„¢ IPPA is a network enabled call station. The unit has eight programmable buttons which can be assigned to zone selection, or to initiate system functions such as DVA. The NetSpire IPPA can also be configured to receive intercom and help phone calls.

The unit includes a preview speaker which can be used to preview DVA announcements, or monitor the activity on an announcement zone. The preview speaker can also be used for hands free intercom and help phones functions. For receiving intercom and help phone calls, a headset connection is provided allowing the use of industry standard telephony headsets.



Operator Interface

  • Allows connection of a professional quality microphone for PA announcements
  • Integrated preview monitor speaker
  • Eight programmable buttons for zone selection or system function initiation
  • Push to talk button
  • Preview speaker volume control buttons
  • Microphone input VU meter
  • Separate headset connection
  • Microphone capsule health monitoring using current sense technology
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Emergency Audio Ready (EN60849)






pdf NetSpire IPPA Specification.pdf


ul check Supports software selectable gain for headset and microphone analogue inputs

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Supports Phantom, Avionic and Electret microphone power
ul check Supports microphone capsule health monitoring using current sense technology
ul check Supports up-to 48kHz 24 bit PCM for network digital audio. Lower bit rate and compressed codecs are also supported
ul check Supports connection of industry standard telephony headset
ul check Supports integrated preview speaker for announcement preview and intercom functions with adjustable volume

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Supports eight programmable buttons which can be assigned to zone selection
ul check Supports eight programmable buttons which can be assigned to trigger system functions. For example triggering DVA announcements, or controlling digital outputs on other NetSpire devices
ul check  Supports Power over Ethernet to minimise cabling requirements
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Supports extensive DSP capabilities on each channel, including per channel gain, delay, power limiting, dynamic range compression and parametric equalisation.

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Supports pre-recorded Digital Voice Announcement (DVA) functions with flash storage for over 90 minutes of recorded announcements and 3000 individual announcement segments stored in the voice dictionary.

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Supports internal clock for scheduling announcements or background music. Synchronisation of clock using NTP.

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Supports in-built attention, test and alarm tones

ul check Supports network configuration and monitoring via a standard web browser, or the NetSpire suite of administration, monitoring and control software.

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